why solar power is good
solar pv analysis how solar cells generate electricity


why solar power is good

Is a PV (Photovoltaic) System
the right decision for you?

There are many reasons why solar power is good for those looking to buy electric solar panels, some of which we have listed for you:

From Caribbean Solar to California to Baja Mexico, Insoltech Solar has designed and installed PV systems to meet the most demanding specifications and challenges.

1. Protecting the Environment:
Electricity produced by a PV system is completely silent, requires little maintenance, and is zero emissions.

2. Reliability
Solar modules have no moving parts to wear out. Most manufacturers offer 20-25 year warranties with life expectancies of 50 years on average. Balance of systems components such as the inverter come with a 5 year warranty.

3. Security and Independence
When combined with the ability to store power (such as a battery bank or fuel-cells), power outages or brown-outs will not affect your business as severely. This is what is off grid solar.

4. Corporate Responsibility
Installing a PV system is a clear statement why solar power is good, reflecting your commitment to clean energy and environmental stewardship.

5. Improving Bottom Line
You can reduce or in some cases eliminate monthly electric bills, reducing the effect of inevitable rate hikes. State and federal government programs can help greatly reduce the inital upfront capital expenditures to where the return on investment can be 5-8 years with solar. Cost analysis shows solar is worth the effort.

California users can check legislation and rebates at:

We have shared our knowledge of advancing PV technology with our clients, who have expressed their excitement and satisfaction in our success at bringing solar power to the most remote areas of the world. References available on request.

If you own a home, farm, or recreational property in a remote area not served by a utility company, Insoltech Solar can put sun power to work for you.

Since 1978 we have designed and installed the latest in solar technology and equipment at the right solar pv systems price for our clients to meet their particular energy needs. We also work with other alternative energy systems including wind, hydro, and micro-grid.

Insoltech Solar offers the homeowner in remote locations the safe, dependable power of a PV system as a cost-effective alternative to home generators or expensive power line construction. Solar is what is. Off Grid Solar is our current specialty, offering solar PV consulting and solar cost analysis for clients in remote regions, especially for Caribbean solar panels.

Your PV system can do almost anything you want it to. The size of the system determines the amount of power available to you. If you would like further information on which system would work for you, you can request a quote here.

Whatever your reason, solar energy is widely thought to be the energy source of choice for the future, and you may be able to take advantage of a state-sponsored program to help make it your energy choice for today and tomorrow.

If you want more information on whether solar might be right for you, you can download or view the following:

Consumer's Guide to Solar Power from the US Department of Energy.